Assia Ahhatt is one of those rarest of entertainers! This classically-trained native of Kyiv, Ukraine excels while performing across multiple musical genres for international and U.S. audiences alike. A violin prodigy by the age of five, she won numerous European competitions, and became among the youngest soloists for the Ukrainian National Philharmonic. Assia has successfully combined her singing and songwriting talents into a skyrocketing musical juggernaut; having appeared on stage with iconic performers including: Robert Plant, Mark Knopfler, Jean-Luc Ponty, and Pierre Blanchard.
Equally comfortable performing at sold-out stadium venues, discos, intimate clubs, or recording hit singles in Los Angeles, Assia's discography consists of solo concert appearances worldwide and nearly thirty individual videos among her eight internationally-acclaimed albums. Together with vocal coach, Seth Riggs, she recorded her chart-topping U.S debut single, If Only Tonight, in 2013. The recording received recognition by DRT National Airplay in several categories – Indy, R&B, and Hip Hop. It reached #6 on Billboard's singles chart, plus was featured on their National Dance Club Chart for several weeks.

Coming off her incomparable success with If Only Tonight, Assia pivoted into some exciting new and varied musical directions. Her explosive, yet melancholy violin solo paired with her singing in English, formed the centerpiece of a duet with Puerto Rican rapper, WISIN, entitled Fiesta in San Juan. The dynamic video of Assia together with WISIN's interplay in Spanish, filmed in Old San Juan, was produced and directed by Hollywood music video director, Jessy Terrero. Fiesta spent several weeks on Billboard's Latin Tropical Chart, while the remix quickly reached Top 20 National Dance Club status.

Continuing her evolution as a pop performer who incorporates two unique and memorable instruments – violin and voice, Assia released her award-winning single Disco, in 2016 produced by Dmitry Monatik of Chilibisound. And, in April, 2017, Assia debut her single, Perepletaet, to audiences in her home city of Kiev. A perennial crowd favorite at numerous international music festivals throughout the world, she has appeared both as a soloist and fellow member of her band, "69'. Like her fans, Assia is awaiting the imminent drop of her newest single, You WillMiss Me, like Fiesta produced by Luny Tunes and recorded at Hit Factory Criteria in Miami.

Perhaps, one of the biggest achievement of her illustrious musical career, album 'All-In' was released in 2018 in the U.S. Assia has contracted her personal recording label, "Seize the Day Entertaining" with one of the music world's legendary producers, Humberto Gatica, based in Los Angeles. Known for his association with Madonna, Elton John, Celine Dion, Tony Braxton and Andrea Boccelli, among many others, Gatica knew this one-of-a-kind musical collaboration with Assia yielded her a treasure-trove of awards and fully sold venues. The project features Assia performing violin solos which cover thirteen international hit singles, together with an assembly of guest artists, supported by a full orchestra. Assia's several tours, fulfilled both nationally and internationally, had tremendous success.

This Violinist's latest show, 'A Music Extravaganza' was directed by awarded winning producer Gene Bortnick and recorded in the Opera House of Kiev in Ukraine, and is to be released on PBS stations across America on June 1, 2019. The nationwide tour across the U.S shall start October 2019 from the East coast and will end up in California in early 2020.

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