Assia Ahhatt’s new track tells the story of her personal drama

Assia Ahhatt’s new track tells the story of her personal drama

The singer presented a sensual track called Intertwining The famous Ukrainian violinist and singer, Assia Ahhatt, decided to surprise the audience with a very sensual and personal song. Her new track, “Intertwining”, will become a new turn in the artist’s creative career. Assia has never been this intimate and sincere with her audience! The entire life of this performer is a constant intertwining – an intertwining of classical and pop music, an intertwining of countries, paths, and destinies... Today, Assia Ahhatt decided to tell about this in a song.

According to Assia, the author of Intertwining conveyed all of her emotions in the lyrics and in the music with such precision that it’s as if he read her thoughts and lived a certain stage of her life for her.

The work on this track continued for several months. The singer meticulously selected each note while working in the studio together with musicians and arrangers, in order to fill herself with new colors and show a different side of herself.

Assia Ahhatt: “For me, a song is a tune and a harmony in the first place. Intertwining doesn’t just have a beautiful tune and harmony, it has unusual lyrics. At first glance, the text has no drama, no climax and no conclusion as it often happens, but it has something that can be read between the lines. This song is my inner world today, my feelings and emotions! It’s a very personal song all! In a nutshell – it’s my song! Listen to it to see for yourself,”.

Inspired by this song, Assia decided that the cover of this track will be a bold shot of her... in the nude. The photo-shoot was done by one of the most famous fashion photographers of Ukraine, Yuriy Balan.

Assia Ahhatt: “As soon as the music was born, the image of the cover emerged. It emanates love, warmth, tenderness and... modesty,”.

Another reminder is that Assia Ahhatt recently presented a new music video for her track called Disco. The producer of this track was MONATIK and his company Chilibisound. Currently, the artist is recording an instrumental album together with Humberto Gatica, the producer who worked with Madonna and Celine Dion. The album will be presented shortly in Ukraine and abroad.

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