Assia Ahhatt: “My husband ruined all of my Birthday plans!” (photos and video)

Assia Ahhatt: “My husband ruined all of my Birthday plans!” (photos and video)

The singer’s husband surprised her on her Birthday

The famous Ukrainian violinist and singer, Assia Ahhatt, recently celebrated her birthday. Last year the artist threw a lavish party in the company of most of her celebrity colleagues, which was later used for her Disco music video, but this year she decided to spend her personal holiday in solitude. Assia left everyone and flew to New York, where she is recording her instrumental album with Humberto Gatica, the American producer of Madonna and Celine Dion. But little did she know what was in store for her on her birthday.

“I didn’t make any plans. I thought I was going to spend the day alone. And then, in the morning, I get a text message saying, ‘Look out! I’m in New York,’”

tells Assia.

The message was sent by the artist’s husband, who decided to surprise his beloved and flew to meet her, so that she wouldn’t feel alone on her birthday.

«“It was very touching!” says the singer. “Igor gave me a gorgeous bouquet. We walked around the familiar streets, sat in coffee shops. We spent the evening in a Japanese restaurant and enjoyed Asian fusion cuisine. The next day we flew in different directions. Igor went to Kiev and I continued on my work tour of America.”

Birthday greetings for Assia started pouring in way in advance of the big date. “Text messages were coming 24 hours early. People wrote on social media, called me. My close friend wrote me at midnight. I got a lot of messages from colleagues. It was really enjoyable, I love moments like that. I think I’ll have another birthday celebration when I get home. It might not be as big and lavish this year but it’s become a tradition that whoever I run into in the summer, starts raising glasses for my celebration. So, I’ll definitely arrange something for my friends,” the artist promised.

In one of her recent interviews the singer told a touching story of how she met her destiny “Once I was walking to the subway station and met my husband Igor in the street. He was driving his car and I was crossing the street with my violin. It was a fateful meeting! There were no cell phones back then. Making a date wasn’t easy. But we stayed together, and both of us still remember that day. Every time that Igor is driving by there, he calls and says that he’s right at the place where we met.

Recently Assia Ahhatt recorded a very personal track called “Intertwining” and made a video to the track which will be presented soon. The singer had to perform an experiment with her appearance for this video shoot.