Assia Ahhatt recorded an album with Madonna’s and Elton John’s producer

Assia Ahhatt recorded an album with Madonna’s and Elton John’s producer

Ukrainian violinist signed a record contract with the Grammy award winning musician Humberto Gatica.

A famous Ukrainian violinist, Assia Ahhatt, recorded an album with the American Grammy- winning musician and producer, Humberto Gatica. Over the years Humberto has worked with Michael Jackson, Madonna, Tina Turner, Elton John, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston. In addition, for many years he’s been a friend and the “right hand” of Barbara Streisand. The singer trusts Humberto with all of her creative work.

Ahhatt and Gatica met a year ago in Los Angeles, where they agreed to record an album together. Nothing gets done in the U.S. without legal formalities, so it took as long to work out a contract.

“When I decided to do an instrumental project in the U.S.,” says Assia, “I wanted it to be led by someone who is really knowledgeable in such things. We sent letters to six prominent American producers. Many responded and I flew to meet them. But when Humberto came, there was so much fire in him and so much desire to work on this project specifically that I immediately understood – he’s our man. Every time we discussed the details of our future work, he was anxious to start recording. He said he never had a project like this one before.”

Moreover, Gatica became the first music producer for Assia of her entire artistic career. “I was always my own producer. I was the one who decided what to sing and how to play, and it continued this way for years. Now I have an American producer who’s one of the top three in the world,” says Ahhatt.

The album will include 13 global tracks. Each track will feature different styles and instruments. According to Ahhatt, the album presentation is planned for the end of the year, followed by an orchestra tour. “There will be live concerts in America, and, of course, I’ll show this project in Ukraine,” the artist promises.